Trust Meeting Minutes

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8 Jan 2014


  • “PMC 3” courses will run separately from current courses as the need arises
    (PMC 3 is a course that allows potential team members to minister to one another in a PMA setting, in order to “practice” ministering)
  • Current number 1’s need to agree on when a number 2 is ready to lead
  • Training of team: New team members need to be trained/equipped on how to “behave” in a PMA setting and mentored
  • Marion shared that 3 common roots to issues are PRIDE, REBELLION & UNBELIEF
  • It is a responsibility of the small committee to identify team members who need training and participants who are potential team
  • There is a distinct WTC Ethos which needs to be in the team requirements document
  • We will print only general wtc business cards and those who want them personalized can get their own stamp made

Action Points

Action points Details Action by
Courses 2015 Change away course dates Johan
WTC Laptop Investigate options and costs Johan
The 4 areas Document that clarifies the 4 areas / Fine-tune the talk guidelines Johan
Small Committee Ratify small committee at next team meeting Johan
Training Create an annual training schedule Marion
Team requirements Work “ethos” into team requirements Marion
Website Application Form Include name and month of course they are applying to attend as a reference Michelle
Website Edit website colors (from orange to blue) Michelle
WTC Business Cards Content for cards:- Logo- Email: Tel: 0849099309- Website: for new card:- Logo must get attention first

– Then name

– Then the rest

– Remove strip at bottom, replace with: “John 10:10 etc”



Next meeting: As required