2010 Course Testimony

It is probably the best “Christian Encounter” I have ever had. It was like we were all wrapped in a a cocoon with the Holy Spirit and Jesus right there with us. Words cannot describe it and the results are unbelievable, but believable because that is God! I was truly made free from the working of the Holy Spirit that day. My time with Jesus had a gentle beginning, a revelations middle and a thumbs up as an ending.

What a powerful experience! I feel like I really met Jesus for the first time although I had been a Christian since I was 10 years old.
What a life changing experience! I shall never be the same again. I feel such an incredible peace within.
It was an amazing experience! My prayers were answered and I really KNEW that the Holy Spirit lived within me. I finally met the Jesus I thought I knew. I experienced genuine love. What a safe place! Everything was absolutely genuine.
I have been set free! What a stunning ministry! I really met with Jesus and prayer is now so much more real.
It was wonderful to see how people’s faces changed during the week and see Jesus reflected in them.
I know that this was a divine appointment. What an awesome God we serve that He took time to bless me in such unique ways. I feel especially favoured by Almighty God, anointed and an heir to the kingdom.

Before I went to this Wholeness Through Christ course, I felt like my life was falling apart, tormented by my anger and desperation to be godly. I know that this was a divine appointment. Everything, down to who shared my house with me and the way God spoke to us in the Prayer Vigil, gave evidence of God’s hand and planning in everything. I was, and still am, amazed at the gentle and loving way Jesus took my heartbreak and pain and replaced it with mercy, comfort, love and healing.
My husband can’t stop commenting on the change in me and the aura of peace radiating from me. I know that I shall never be the same again.

I feel lighter, both spiritually and physically!