2011 Course Testimonies

What an honor and privilege to be with your team on the weekend – an absolutely life changing experience, to be able to release YEARS of bondage and to be in the presence of our Dear Lord and to know that he is not going to judge you, WOW!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR EVERLASTING MERCY AND GRACE – he has taken all that baggage that has been weighing one down for sooo long – the shackles have been broken, I AM FREE!!! and I feel soo much lighter, it truly is a wonderful and unique experience that I am so honored to have been able to attend. Please thank your God chosen team – the support and love is truly of the spirit, something that I have never experienced before in my life and will never want to let go of!! NOW I can run instead of walk, and I will walk with Our Precious Lord beside me always.

For the first time I experience a hunger for the word, for worship and more continually being aware of His presence and gentle leading and direction.I am also noticing much less confusion, clarity in thinking and decision making and truly that peace that passes ALL understanding that I have heard about – but now experience to this level. It’s also as if new filters were put over my eye-and-ear gates – deflecting those things that are not from the Lord – Hallelujah!The Lord also restored my hope and He enables me to notice the enemy’s strategies/patterns of attack more clearly – discernment have increased – thank you Lord!

During my school days, orals and presentations were a nightmare. I just could not stand up before the class and say my orals. It was so bad at times that I was not even able to read a book in front of the class. This fear continued into the corporate environment were I was sent on leadership courses and had to present topics with other colleagues. I never past the course, because I never could do the final presentation in front of the examiners. The humiliation and shame was overwhelming. The wound was deep.I found myself back in that exact position behind a lectern (without notes), and as I stood in the safe environment created by the Lord Himself, I felt God’s healing hand touch me as He restored this area in my life. My healing came as I stood publicly before others. I am so blest to have this bondage broken. In stepping out of my comfort zone, God could do the healing.

This course totally transformed and renovated my walk with God. I was struggling to connect with God and hear Him and the Wholeness course brought me right back to where I was when I initially got saved (on fire). I have made transformational friendships and breakthrough with my walk for God and now I walk in freedom. And the best part is that a prayer ministry appointment is always available to you when you need it afterwards. It was a lifetime of therapy in one weekend. I have referred all my friends to this course and when I saw my friend after she attended the course I could see that she was free, her eyes and entire posture and complexion was different. This is a must as part of your walk with God, the Holy Spirit rocks up and he rocks your world…