2013 Course Testimonies

“I can really testify to how true, gracious and compassionate our Father in is. This was my 3rd WTC weekend I have attended. I really thought I was just going to have a weekend of just Praise and Worship. But the Lord had other plans for me. I had some more “work’ that had to be done. Phil 1:6 is the proof that I am “WORK IN PROGRESS”. Thank you Lord for WTC that was able and willing to be Your instrument to really reach deep into my soul.”

“I am still filled by the love of the almighty God, the experience doesn’t stop. I sleep peacefully, no more attacks in dreams, I can see the goodness of God even at work, I have a smile on my face. I have never experienced anything like wholeness through Christ. Jesus loves me.”
I recently attended a Wholeness through Christ weekend retreat. I went feeling fatigued but in expectation of a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit. There were so many issues and burdens which I thought I should bring before Jesus but He knows us so intimately and knows where we need healing and restoration. On the morning of my prayer appointment I told the Lord I didn’t know anymore what I should seek Him for and trusted Him to show me. What transpired exceeded my imagination and was so much more than I could have ever expected.
Through the wholeness team the Holy Spirit ministered to me in such a deep and awesome way. His ways and thoughts are indeed high above ours.
Thank you to the wholeness team for being committed and obedient vessels for Gods Holy Spirit to move and bring healing to hurting wounded people. All praise to Jesus!

We just want to thank you and the team for allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work through you, we are so grateful for everything. We have never experience the presence of God on such a level. You and the team had such a great impact through Christ in our lives. We thank God for choosing us to come on the course and be ministered to by Gods chosen people. And thank you for your obedience to our Father that so many people can be healed through this ministry. May God bless you and the team for your faithfulness.
It was a time of God saving, rescuing, delivering and healing me from my pain that I “thought” was dealt with – I guess I wasn’t ok as I thought I was. The fruits in our home – peace and unity with children – sense this and seem to be more at peace as well. What has been done for us as a family is invaluable and priceless.

I went on this course to find myself in God and not save my marriage that has been on the rough side. I not only found myself in God more but I have found the strength to fight for my marriage as well. Since Wholeness I have been water baptized and it was amazing. Wholeness is a must for anyone that wants to get closer to God and find an amazing life with our Father in Heaven.