2017 Course Testimonies

“God gave me more than I was expecting and my joy was reactivated.”

“Short easy to understand, mind-opener.”

“A real blessing; God is a personal God; and meets with you at your point of need.”

“I can open my heart to receive what God has for me and live each day in Him without fear of life and victorious over bondage.”

“Gods timing is perfect. He came through for me AGAIN when I needed Him to. This new journey is gonna be awesome!”

“I was very anxious, nervous about what was going to happen, but also a peace of knowing I had to be there, but wow…. nothing to have been anxious about. Freedom freedom freedom…. where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom….”
“I was given spiritual and practical tools to tap into His purpose.”
“Thank you Jesus for the platform of safety to work within the inside of me that I couldn’t get to without your Holy Spirit.”
“It was such a beautiful experience encountering God’s all-encompassing love and His earnest desire to set us free. His love is so tangible.”
“It’s always amazing to hear from the Lord. Healing love and joy that transcends all understanding. Thank you for an amazing time with the Lord.”

“I walked away from the Wholeness Through Christ course with an amazing peace in my heart. Humbled by God’s love, Jesus’ grace and the Holy Spirits presence! I’ve been longing for a place that is gentle, warm and welcoming. 

A place where I could be vulnerable and still feel safe. The profound freedom I walked away with, is something I didn’t think existed on this side of heaven.”