How To Add Audio Player

You can add audio the same way you add images.

Simply upload audio using add media option (Upload/Insert button above the editor) and then click “Insert into post”.

[thaudio href=’′]Sunny Morning[/thaudio]

Sample Code

[thaudio href='http://url/Sunny-Morning-2.mp3']Sunny Morning[/thaudio]


You can control player width using column shortcodes.

[two_third] [thaudio href=’′ hide_title=’true’]Sunny Morning [/thaudio] [/two_third]
[one_third last=last] [thaudio href=’′ hide_title=’true’]Sleepy Night [/thaudio] [/one_third]

Sample Code

[three_fourth] [thaudio href='http://url/Sunny-Morning-2.mp3' hide_title='true']Sunny Morning [/thaudio]  [/three_fourth] 
[one_fourth last=last]   [thaudio href='http://url/Sunny-Morning-2.mp3' hide_title='true']Sleepy Night [/thaudio] [/one_fourth] 

Audio Title

You can add following code to shortcode to hide title & time below the timeline: