2016 Course Testimonies

“Thank you amazing team for your obedience to help people to be set free. Thank you Jesus for the miracles that took place this weekend.”

“Miracles do happen! I truly experienced God’s love and acceptance today. A heavy burden has been lifted. All the glory and praise to Him.”
“Being someone who had heard lots of positives about the course, I must admit that I was expectant. My experience was also very positive, but beyond the experience was the encounter with the spirit- this was definitely evident in my PMA. 

However, the time I spent with others praying for my fellow seekers was awesome, God spoke. Taking the focus of myself in those moments, helped me hear God. That was a real joy.”

“Thank you for an uplifting, loving, wonderful, blessed meeting with Jesus. A transforming and beautiful experience. Life changing, you will never be the same after this ministry.”

“What an amazing weekend. A time to get away, switch off all the ‘noise’ and allow God to speak. I feel like God has begun something good in me and I am so excited.”

“Wholeness is an amazing encounter with God, allows you to discover yourself in an intimate way with God. Chains are broken and you are set free from bondage.”

“Prayerfully healed by Christ, through a spirit-filled, Christ-centered ministry. I’ll be back.”
“I came into this weekend not sure what to expect but I walked away feeling refreshed and like I have began to start tackling issues in my life that have been holding me back in Christ.”

“God used amazing people in the wholeness team to minister to me, and through their guidance and opens, I experienced God on a whole new level.”
“My weekend was awesome at WTC. I realised a lot of hurt, and it got dealt with.”

“A warm kind and loving ministry. Feel lighter and so blessed for this spirit-filled weekend with Jesus.”