2018 Course Testimonies

“I appreciate the fact that I could share my life and experiences with people in a non-judgemental and non-threatening environment. I feel more enlightened to speak openly to God and hand over control of my life and that of my children to God.”

“I came in so burdened with so many issues. I am leaving feeling so free, I feel like a brand new person.”

“God dealt with things and issues in my life that I really struggled with for years.”

“I received healing from the Lord about issues I had forgotten about, that were a root cause of my brokenness. Now that I am able to acknowledge and deal with the issues, I feel relieved and restored.”

“The course has increased my faith in God and brought to my attention again His passionate love for me, and His desire for me to be set free. It confirmed that God hears the prayers and all the desires of my heart.”

“This course has changed my life and helped me discover the real me.”
“I always felt alone and rejected. I struggled with identity and was a very angry person. I felt insecure and was very hard on myself. On this course I still felt alone but this was healed as I had my ministry sessions – God restored me as His son! I no longer feel alone.”
“The course reminded me of God’s destiny for myself and my marriage.”
“This course has made a profound life-changing impact on me. The people were incredibly warm, there was openness and confidentiality.”

“I expected looks of shame and condemnation at my story but I got looks of love and companionship that told me I’m not the first one the enemy has attacked this way. I got my peace and joy back.”