2019 Course Testimonies

God exceeded my expectations and really de-cluttered my heart. He spoke to me simply and so relevantly.

This course has brought me closer to God. I was able to truly forgive and be healed. I’ve experienced something I’ve never experienced before – I learnt how joy feels after giving everything over to God.

I felt quite overwhelmed and loved. Being in this atmosphere felt like a completely safe space.
God revealed Himself as such a loving and faithful father to me during this course.
This course revealed areas of my life I needed healing and provided a safe place for me to find that. My entire journey/life has bbeen impacted. I walk in a deeper, new found freedom.

Although I had come to terms with forgiveness, I didn’t realise that God was also interested in my healing and restoration. I came in for direction and came out healed and walking in freedom. All this time I was treating a symptom but the course helped me deal with the root.
God brought release from things that had been long devastated, broken and unraveled.

Absolute Spirit-filled and Spirit-led weekend. Leaving restored, inspired, expectant, excited and full of thanksgiving.
I walked in empty, alone and with a huge void in my heart. I asked the Holy Spirit to show up, I had many questions, and looking back at my notes, every question was answered.

I feel lighter, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve been burdened since the age of 9, carrying this for 27 years! But today God’s faithfulness showed up and restored what the enemy tried to steal from me. I am in awe.